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What proves that perfume works on emotions?

We hold the supporting claims for each of our perfumes.

Each contains a brand new technology from synergies of essential oils capable of stimulating the brain area linked to emotions. These natural technologies, the composition of which is kept secret and pending patent, each have a distinctive power over our emotional state.

One will play on the emotions linked to relaxation, the other on the feeling of vitality and energy; and the last on the feeling of joy and good humor.

These claims were established via functional brain imaging tests, MRI, conducted at a university specializing in the study of the brain and behavior. They were able to demonstrate how each impacted the limbic area of ​​the brain and what range of emotions it acted on.

When should I use the perfume and the stone?

The stone can be worn continuously. The perfume is pocket-sized and can be taken with you and put on at any time of the day whenever you feel the need.