The magic of a meeting

Our innovative concept was born during a trip to Ibiza in 2020, where we met an energy specialist passionate about lithotherapy.

Inspired by her wisdom, we fused our knowledge of the power of fragrances with the energetic properties of natural stones.

Thus was born our SENTASTIC brand, which offers boxes combining mood-boosting fragrances with carefully selected stone necklaces.

Each box offers an exceptional sensory experience, combining the captivating scents and emotional benefits of perfumes with the energetic virtues of stones.

We are proud to create this perfect union between the science of perfumes and the millennial wisdom of natural stones, thus offering a unique approach to well-being.

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On the study of the influence of smells on our mind.

Smell is the most subtle of our 5 senses (Dr. B. Landis).

It is also the only sense directly linked to the hypothalamus, the seat of our emotions.

The olfactory sense is directly connected by the olfactory cilia to the limbic brain, the emotional brain composed of the amygdala and the hippocampus. If we want to act on this emotional brain, the best way is to use the olfactory route.

If it smells good, I feel good!
People who practice aromachology are called
aromachologists. Aromachologists analyze emotions such as relaxation, euphoria, sensuality, happiness and well-being caused by smells that stimulate the brain's olfactory pathways and, in particular, the limbic system, which remembers all our past events.


According to ancient beliefs, minerals are endowed with certain powers. Stones have long been associated with magical powers and used
for protection and healing. Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the energy of
stones to rebalance our chakras and improve our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Lithotherapists believe that our attraction to stones is due to the presence of similar minerals
in our body and attribute properties to them
beneficial thanks to their waves, frequencies, shapes, colors and textures.
In lithotherapy*, depending on its type, a crystal would act on the “vibrational frequency” of certain points of the
body, compared to the chakras of Indian tradition or the meridians of acupuncture.

* Lithotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies and does not replace modern medicine.
The indications and properties given are based on feedback from users, cultures and reference works in the field. They are not intended to cure or change your state of health. For any medical concerns, please consult your doctor.